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Special Needs 2018-2019

An extraordinary non-competitive program for SPECIAL NEEDS children who are not able to participate in a regular basketball activity.

Christy Gudaitis 631-421-2876

Developmental Program Winter 2018-2019

Basketball: Intramural Grades 1-12 (2018-19)

All Divisions (except 9-12 Boys*) Run ~ December-March, depending on weather & courts.
1st & 2nd Grade Clinics (Boys/Girls)
3/4 Boys & Girls Divisions
5/6 Boys & Girls Divisions
7/8 Boys & Girls Divisions
9-12 Boys Division (*runs approx. Mar.-May)

Basketball - Travel Program 2018-2019

Registration is closed

Soccer - Travel 2018/19

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR A TRAVEL TEAM UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE COACH. Players must tryout and be invited to join a travel team. Please contact the coach for tryout information.

Travel soccer is for players with good soccer skills looking for a higher level of competition. Highly competitive matches are played against other Long Island soccer clubs with a play-to-win focus.

Girls U-11 (born 1/1/07-12/31/07) Diego Gutierrez at (516) 987-0108
Girls U-12 (born 1/1/07-12/31/07) Charlie Gutler
Girls U-13 (born 1/1/06-12/31/06) HERicanes – DJ Pearlman(631)742-4000
Girls U-13 (born 1/1/06-12/31/06) Charlie Gutler
Girls U-14 (born 1/1/05-12/31/05) Fulcher – Matt Fulcher
Girls U-16 (born 1/1/03-12/31/03) Thunder– Jim Keller (347)852-3735

Boys U-09 (born 1/1/10-12/31/10) New Team
Boys U-10 (born 1/1/09-12/31/09) Avengers09 – Vinny Rodrigues or David Rankel (516)404-5530
Boys U-10 (born 1/1/09-12/31/09) Chargers - Eddie Alahverdian
Boys U-11 (born 1/1/08-12/31/08) Red Bulls – Kristen Schiller at (516) 965-6376
Boys U-11(born 1/1/08-12/31/08) Wildcats – Nick Crocco at (646) 739-7474 and Tim O'Connor at (516) 380-3248.
Boys U-13 (born 1/1/06-12/31/06) Hurricanes – Pat Fallon at (516) 313-1702 or Seth Fischer (631) 697-6286
Boys U-15 (born 1/1/04-12/31/04) Avengers - Rob Finnerty at (631)455-3155 or Dave Rankel at (516)404- 5530
Boys U-16 (born 1/1/03-12/31/03) United - Chinsky (631)805-4033
Boys U-18 (born 1/1/01-12/31/01) Lightening– Jim Keller (347)852-3735
Boys U-19 (born 1/1/00-12/31/01) Storm - Eric Wuss (917)837-9317

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

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If you have any questions, please refer to the South Huntington SC Website at and click on the sport of your choice.  For soccer click on the JOIN tab where we have a description of our various programs, age listing, and other valuable information.   For basketball, you can scroll through the page and click on information available at each player level.

We are 100% volunteer run by parents of players in the South Huntington/Huntington Station/Melville community.  Our fees reflect our mission to provide players and parents an affordable and enjoyable environment for the game of basketball & soccer.

You may also email us at and a response will be sent.  We cannot make calls but we will make every effort to respond to your email as promptly as possible.